Manic Hispanic Salsa

  • $8.00

To celebrate the release of the new album Back in Brown,  Manic Hispanic is proud to announce the release of 2 firme salsas. This collaboration is with the bands Tio Pancho or as he is known in the streets "Mr Mil Putasos"  a veteran of the underground lunchtruck tour circuit. With organic ingredients jacked from some dudes organic hipster farm and his own homegrown chilitos, this ancient Mexican traditional recipe combines the knowledge passed on from Hefesita to Tia to Primo to Tio and nothing but the best ingredients our ancient ancestors could only wish they had. This salsa ain't made in New York City its made in Aztlán.

Roja - What the Homie said ... " A smoked out blend of Herbs and Spices.


A bold thicker salsa with lots of flavor and not much bite to it (not hot) , Think mole / Chipotle with a nice twist. 

Verde - What the other Homie said... "Damn foo its all green tiene Mota"?

Translation A thinner sauce full of flavor with a bite ( hotter than the Roja ) Tomatillo based with some sick jalapeños and cilantro all up in it. 

Available while supplies last only during new album pre orders. 


If purchased with the album this item will ship when the album does late august. If you would like it sooner please order separate.