Left Alone "Dead American Radio" 180gram TEST PRESSINGS

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These records are made to be listened to by the band, record label and others involved with this release to approve it before the actual record order is made. Very limited and these were made in 180gram on black vinyl and have no labels. These records may have signs of use because they have been listed to but have no issues when being listened to.  

OUT 5/14/2019

Ships first week of May

Limited to 20 pcs

The exuberant yet repentant punk anthem that launches Left Alone’s 2006 sophomore Hellcat offering is the kind of no bullshit, honest proclamation that fans of last year’s highly-praised Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts have come to expect. That lead-off number, dubbed “The Sinner,” is the sort of joyous chant along that has earned the devotion of punk purists throughout the globe. But as Dead American Radio unfolds, it reveals itself to be a far more adventurous, diverse and rewarding song cycle than its predecessor.

Simply put, Left Alone has concocted a stone cold classic album that artfully takes aim at corporate radio, suck ass emo bands and everything in between while incorporating elements of ska, cowpunk, pop contagiousness and old school punk. Yet according to Left Alone’s guitarist, songwriter and mouthpiece Elvis Cortez, that variety – which counts the efforts of saxophonist Noe, and the inclusion of Hammond organ and pedal steel – wasn’t necessarily a goal for the new disc.

Track Listing 

1. The Sinner

2. City To City (with Tim Armstrong)

3. Every Night

4. Done Wrong

5. La Pregunta

6. Waiting For You

7. Drunk Again

8. New York City

9. 4 Weeks

10. She's The Only One

11. Wash Away

12. Bastard Son

13. Justino

14. Dead American Radio

15. No One Likes Us

16. I Hate Emo