Happy Drunk Cartel "Happy Drunx" CD

Happy Drunk Cartel "Happy Drunx" CD

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The long awaited full length album from south gates Ska/Punk rockers Happy Drunk Cartel. Recorded with seasoned producer TJ Rivera ( Left Alone, Poor Habit, Rufio). This album kicks in the your door with sonic blasts of Ska/ Punk only the Happy Drunks can do. 

CD ships May 1st on all pre orders

Track Listing 

1. Happy Drunx

2. Demons In Control 

3. Puppets 

4. Criminal 

5. Tell'em What? 

6. Break Down the Door

7. Ignorant Fuck

8. The Good Life 

9. Skate

10. Lonely Day 

11. Beer Run 

12. Death 

13. Old Man