Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets LP

Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets LP

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Album release date:16 July 2021 , Ships July 6th

500 pcs on Pink Vinyl 

Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets are a rock ‘n’ roll quartet with deep roots in the Southern Californiarock scene. New Noise Magazine described them as "A stellar four-piece who play perfectly-crafted three-minute pop songs that owe just as much to Johnny Cash as they do The Adolescents," while TheBig Takeover compared the group’s approach to “a crunchier, power-pop-leaning Social Distortion.”


“Under the Neon Heat” is the rollicking 11 song culmination of this second collaboration. Completedduring the pandemic lockdown of 2020, Under the Neon Heat is now set for release July 16th 2021 on Primal Beat / Smelvis Records.